HVI Board of Directors

One Member, One Vote

A vital component to any trade association is its Board of Directors. The HVI Board Members are the driving force behind HVI's success. Board Members are elected at the HVI Annual Meetings held in September. The Chairman, Vice Chairman/Treasurer and Secretary all serve two-year terms. Once a Chairman has finished his/her term, he/she serves as the Immediate Past Chairman for two years. There are four Members-at-large on the Board and each serves a one-year term.

Also critical to HVI's success is the active participation of its member companies. Each member company is entitled to a single vote on all issues brought before the various committees and the General Membership. The HVI Board of Directors is committed to transparent governance and strongly encourages each company to take advantage of its voting privileges. Each HVI member company, large and small, has the opportunity to shape the association as well as the residential mechanical ventilation industry. One member, one vote.

To find out more about becoming an HVI Member, please click here.

If you are already an HVI member, we encourage you to visit the HVI Member Resources to review HVI bylaws, policies, meeting minutes, and the most current member roster. Please contact us to obtain your user id/password information if you have misplaced it.

2016-2017 HVI Board of Directors


Daniel Forest
Venmar Ventilation, Inc.
Term ends 10/2017

Vice Chairman/Treasurer
Terry Siegel
Ventamatic Ltd
Term ends 10/2017

Ola Wettergren
Systemair Inc.
Term ends 10/2017

Immediate Past Chairman

Sherry Brockman
GE Appliances
Term ends 10/2017

James Dean
dPoint Technologies
Term ends 10/2017

Peter Grinbergs
Airia Brands, Inc
Term ends 10/2017

Russell Pope
Panasonic Eco Solutions North America
Term ends 10/2017

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