HVI certified ratings programs

ENERGY STAR® Administrative Fees

Effective January 1, 2023

HVI established a fee structure to help the association recover staff services expenses related to the processing of administrative paperwork for the U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR® Program and the NRCan ENERGY STAR® Program. The fees are assessed based on each manufacturer's level of participation in the ENERGY STAR® program and no fees are assessed to those manufacturers who are not participating in the ENERGY STAR® program.

Please note that if you are an OEM providing services to a non-HVI-member manufacturer, the fees are your responsibility as HVI does not have invoicing relationships with non-HVI-member companies. If you wish to recoup these administrative expenses from your private label manufacturers, you are free to make those arrangements directly with the private labeler(s). The invoices you receive from HVI will provide sufficient detail to allow you to easily identify the amounts that you may choose to recover from your private labelers.

The fee structure, updated as of January 1, 2023, is as follows:

  • Certification Processing Fee — assessed on all products presented to HVI for ENERGY STAR® processing (fees charged for each model number that appears in the ENERGY STAR® listing whether base model or derived model)
  • Verification Processing Fee — assessed on all ENERGY STAR®-rated products tested as part of the verification program; this fee is assessed in addition to the "regular" HVI verification administrative fee (fees charged for number of units actually tested during verification)


  All models — base and derived
Certification Processing Fee
Base (or tested) models only
Verification Processing Fee
Fans $ 600 per model $ 1500 per unit tested
H/ERVs $ 1500 per model $ 2000 per unit tested
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