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July 21, 2008

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HVI Releases Two New Brochures for Consumers

Choosing mechanical ventilation products for residential use can be a daunting task. To help consumers make educated decisions about what is right for them, the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) has released two new brochures, "Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilators" (HRV/ERVs) and "Bathroom Exhaust Fans – A Consumer Guide." "These easy-to-understand brochures attempt to simplify all of the technical information out there and offer consumers a handy reference guide on HRV/ERVs and bathroom exhaust fans," said HVI Marketing Committee Chairman Rick Olmstead. "The goal of these brochures is to show consumers how HRV/ERVs and bathroom exhaust fans can benefit all homes."

The "Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilators" brochure contains information on what exactly HRV/ERVs are and the difference between the two product types. In addition, the brochure explains the benefits of HRV/ERVs, how each will help consumers save on energy costs and which one is appropriate for the consumer’s home.

The "Bathroom Exhaust Fans – A Consumer Guide" brochure outlines the function of a bathroom exhaust fan, why it is necessary for homes to exhaust the moisture from their bathrooms, and the factors to consider when choosing a bathroom exhaust fan. The brochure also details how to know a product will perform to a manufacturer’s claim.

When purchasing a mechanical ventilation product for a home, it is important to look for the "HVI Certified" label. The "HVI Certified" label provides the assurance that the product was tested and certified to meet industry recognized standards, will perform as promised, and when installed properly, will guarantee appropriate ventilation is achieved to maximize indoor air quality.

To order the "Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilators" or "Bathroom Exhaust Fans – A Consumer Guide" brochures, e-mail HVI at or call 847/526-2010. The brochures are also available for download in the publications section of the HVI Resource Library on the HVI website at These brochures are the second and third installments of HVI-produced consumer brochures. Earlier this year, HVI released "Range Hoods, A Consumer Guide," which is also available online and for order.

The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI), founded in 1955, is a nonprofit association of the manufacturers of home ventilating products. Through a Certified Ratings Program, HVI provides a voluntary means for residential ventilation manufacturers to report comparable and creditable product performance information based upon uniformly applied testing standards and procedures performed by independent laboratories.

Today, HVI represents manufacturers from the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe, producing the majority of the residential ventilation products sold in North America. For more information, contact HVI at 1000 N. Rand Road, Suite 214, Wauconda, IL, USA 60084. Telephone: 855.484.8368; fax: 847/526-3993. Visit the website at


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