about us

Mission and Goals

Core Purpose

To make indoor air healthier.


Core Values

  1. Impartiality — fairness; without bias; objective, independent actions and decisions
  2. Integrity — high principles and professional standards
  3. Transparency — open, honest, clear with no hidden agenda
  4. Rigor — thorough, accurate, exhaustive, consistent processes
  5. Involvement — volunteer, industry
  6. Competency — proficiency and expertise to support all functions


Envisioned Future

Consumers, globally, have exceptional indoor air quality and fewer health risk exposures thanks to HVI programs and influence in the ventilation and building industries. HVI members and industry stakeholders together provide recognized leadership in ventilation standards and regulations establishing global testing and performance requirements.



We are champions of healthy indoor air working together to advance and promote dependable ventilation practices through product certification, consumer education, and codes and standards participation.



Advancing the value of residential ventilation for healthier living®



  1. Consumers enjoy healthier indoor air.
  2. Manufacturers gain market share advantage by having HVI-Certified products and increased influence on industry regulations and standards through active participation in HVI.
  3. HVI is the recognized authority on achieving healthy indoor air resulting in industry and regulatory influence and enhanced consumer awareness.

HVI Partners

  • AHR Expo
  • ANSI
  • IAQA
  • Resnet
  • US Green
  • Zero