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HVI Consumer Alert Database - Overview

The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) assumes obligations to the public and the stakeholders it serves. HVI, therefore, shall maintain an online database - the Consumer Alert Database (CAD) - describing instances of non-compliance, also referred to as violations. These efforts by the association protect the value of HVI programs and trademarks, improve the integrity of performance claims in the marketplace, and protect the interests of those members who invest resources in HVI. The CAD will itemize the circumstances prompting each listing, including, but not limited to, the claims and representations of the product manufacturer/brand owner, HVI's findings, and HVI's remedial actions.

Violations may originate with manufacturers/brand owners whose products fall within the scope of the HVI-Certified Ratings Program, regardless of whether they are participating in the program. In other words, the CAD may include violation listings related to companies which have HVI-Certified products as well as companies which have no HVI-Certified products.

Types of violations which may be itemized in the CAD include but are not limited to:

Trademark Violations:

Program Violations:

  • Failure to issue corrections to marketing materials; failure to maintain accurate marketing materials; failure to maintain accurate product data in HVI CPD, and/or marketing materials, including ratings information associated with HVI Certification Label
  • Modification of an HVI-Certified model in a manner that will adversely affect the performance without proper notification to HVI. Failure to submit annual declaration form
  • Improper or missing presentation of HVI-Certified ratings
  • Breach of HVI Bylaws resulting in suspension of membership privileges
    • (HVI Bylaws (3.2.5-
  • Failure to affix HVI Certification Label to certified products
  • Product labeling insufficiently detailed; brand, model, or manufacturer not reasonably accessible to consumer

Performance Violations:

  • Advertising performance ratings which do not align with third-party test results
  • Significantly inflating or otherwise misrepresenting product performance ratings


HVI Form 966-01 – Violation Submission Webform

HVI Form 966-01 – Violation Submission Webform is the means for reporting potential violations of HVI’s programs and trademarks. There is no cost to submit the form to HVI.

Submissions of HVI Form 966-01 which are considered to be “performance violations” (refer to the list above) may be subject to the Process for Verification of Products Not Certified by HVI in Addendum B to HVI Publication 966 or the HVI Challenge process outlined in HVI Publication 920 Section 9.

In such cases, HVI staff will contact the individual reporting the potential violation to clarify whether the individual wishes to initiate one of these processes. If so, HVI staff will provide information regarding the process and the estimated costs which may be the responsibility of the individual requesting the product testing. In no instance does the act of submitting this reporting form automatically create a financial obligation for the individual who submitted the form. In all such cases, HVI staff will take steps to ensure the individual understands the available options and agrees to assume responsibility for the associated costs before initiating any product testing activity.

Click here to access HVI Form 966-01


HVI Consumer Alert Database Violations Listing

There are no active CAD violations at this time. We anticipate an update to the listing as early as June 2024.

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