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There are two types of membership depending on whether you sell complete residential ventilation products or supply products and services to such a company.

Regular Membership: Any business (company, corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership) that is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Private Labeler (PL) of residential ventilation or indoor air quality (IAQ) products which fall within the scope of the HVI-Certified Ratings Program is eligible to apply for Regular Membership in HVI.

The term 'OEM' is defined in Section of the HVI Bylaws as follows: "Any business which is legally responsible for products that may be certified through HVI. "Legally responsible" shall mean those parties responsible for products through product liability, warranty, safety certification, compliance with local, state, provincial and federal laws, and such other responsibilities that require control over the product. An OEM may market its products under one or more brand names."

The term 'PL' is defined in Section of the HVI Bylaws as follows: "Any business which contracts with an OEM to produce, on the PL's behalf, products under the PL's own unique brand(s) and specifications. The PL must bear, or share with the OEM, the legal responsibility (as defined above) for their unique branded product(s)."

Associate Membership: Any business (company, corporation) that is engaged in supplying products and/or services to Regular Members of the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) is eligible to apply for associate membership.

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