HVI certified ratings programs

HVI Certification Program Policies and Procedures

HVI Clarification Request Form
Updated as of March 31, 2021
Click the link below to download a copy of the HVI Clarification Request template. HVI members and other stakeholders should utilize the form to request yes or no clarifications on any HVI publication or policy.
word HVI Clarification Request Template

HVI Publication 903 First-Party Laboratory Testing Procedure©
Updated as of August 21, 2020

The procedure is used for obtaining and maintaining approval as an HVI First Party Testing Laboratory. It includes requirements for approval and continuing qualification of in-house laboratories to be utilized for testing of products within the scope of the HVI Certified Ratings Program.
pdf HVI Publication 903 HVI First-Party Laboratory Testing Procedure, August 2020

HVI Publication 915 Procedure for Loudness Rating of Residential Fan Products©
Updated as of February 24, 2016; Administrative Update as of May 27, 2020

The procedure is used for testing and rating ventilation fan products for sound. It includes laboratory requirements and methods for obtaining sound pressure, sound power, and sone values.
pdf HVI Publication 915 HVI Loudness Testing and Rating Procedure, February 2016, admin update 05272020

HVI Publication 916 Air Flow Test Procedure©
Updated as of September 29, 2015; Administrative Update as of May 27, 2020

The air flow test procedure establishes uniform methods for laboratory testing of powered home ventilating equipment for airflow rate. This publication covers the test equipment, test of specific HVI classification groups, test reports, and policies for maintaining the standard.
HVI Publication 916 Air Flow Test Procedure, September 2015admin update 05272020

HVI Publication 920 Product Performance Certification and Surveillance Procedure©
Updated as of April 22, 2024
The product certification and surveillance procedure assures quality control and an effective rating program enabling manufacturers to market products, which will perform at or above specific standards. This publication defines and specifies certain aspects of the certification process, use of the HVI trademark and labels, and procedures for the various forms of surveillance as needed to maintain product certification.
HVI Publication 920 Product Performance Certification and Surveillance Procedure, April 2024

HVI Publication 925 Label and Logo Requirements©
Updated as of October 7, 2014; Administrative Update as of August 10, 2016

The label and logo requirements procedure identifies the separate and distinct HVI identification marks and specifies the appropriate uses for each one.
HVI Publication 925 Label and Logo Requirements, October 2014, admin update 08102016

HVI Publication 966 Consumer Alert Database©
Updated as of April 22, 2024
HVI assumes obligations to the public and consumers it serves. HVI therefore shall maintain an online database – the Consumer Alert Database (CAD) – describing instances of non-compliance, also referred to as violations. These efforts of the association protect the value of HVI programs and trademarks, improve the integrity of performance claims in the marketplace, and protect the interests of those members who invest resources in HVI. The CAD will itemize the circumstances prompting the listing, including, but not limited to, the claims and representations of the product manufacturer, HVI’s findings, and HVI’s remedial actions. Where appropriate, the CAD will include violations by manufacturers whose products fall within the scope of the HVI Certified Ratings Program, regardless of whether they are participating in the program.
HVI Publication 966 Consumer Alert Database, April 2024 

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