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February 11, 2019

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Home Ventilating Institute Launches New Label to Educate Homeowners, Installers on Benefits of Indoor Air Quality

CHEYENNE, WY (February 11, 2019) - The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) today announced a new label awareness campaign designed to educate homeowners on the benefits of whole-house ventilation systems, and provide support for builders and installers to comply with recent developments in code requirements to provide acceptable indoor air quality.

"Clean indoor air is the foundation for a healthy home," said Jacki Donner, HVI CEO. "That is why we are launching the Fresh Air System label to educate homeowners on the benefits of fresh air ventilation systems and provide support for builders and installers on model code requirements for these healthy air systems."

Most states require building and energy codes developed by the International Code Council, an organization of building code officials. These codes provide guidance on incorporating whole-house ventilation systems into a home.

New single-family homes and low-rise multifamily units, built in compliance with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 62.2 or the 2018 International Mechanical Code require that a whole-house ventilation system be installed and labeled to educate homeowners on the system's role of providing indoor air quality.

A whole-house ventilation system provides outdoor air on a programmed or continual basis to reduce indoor air pollutants. While a fully ducted, balanced ventilation system is widely recognized as providing optimal indoor air quality, most codes also permit exhaust-only or supply-only ventilation systems to be installed to meet minimum code requirements for acceptable indoor air quality.

The Fresh Air System labels, developed in coordination with an HVI working group, will be distributed with individual ventilation units by manufacturers, an educational brochure for homeowners on ventilation system benefits, and instructions for label placement. In California, where the state requires additional language within its standards, HVI will provide a second label for compliance. Resources and information are available on the HVI website.

The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI), founded in 1955, certifies a wide range of home ventilating products manufactured by companies located throughout the world, producing the majority of the residential ventilation products sold in North America. HVI certification is a prerequisite for obtaining the ENERGY STAR® rating for mechanical ventilation equipment. HVI is the champion of healthy indoor air working together to advance and promote dependable ventilation practices through product certification, stakeholder education, and codes and standards participation. For more information, contact HVI at 1740 Dell Range Blvd., Suite H, PMB 450, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009. Telephone: 855-HVI-VENT or visit the website at


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