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May 19 , 2006
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HVI Certified Ventilation Performance Programs Offer Product Reliance, Peace of Mind

The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI), the foremost association of manufacturers of home ventilating products, provides HVI Certified Ventilation Performance programs to offer peace of mind to builders, installers, and consumers who are buying and installing residential ventilation products. Members of HVI include manufacturers and distributors who have had their products tested and certified according to the HVI procedures. The HVI label on certified products is the consumer's assurance that the certified air flow and sound ratings for the ventilation equipment are the result of tests performed by an independent laboratory. Purchasing a home ventilation product with the HVI Certification label ensures that the product lives up to the performance claims. "Today's tightly built homes need mechanical ventilation to assure a healthy indoor environment. The HVI Label on a product, showing that the manufacturer has chosen to participate in HVI's program for Certification, Verification and Challenge, is the best proof that a ventilation product will perform as advertised," said HVI Board of Directors Chairman Ola Wettergren of Fantech, Inc.

Every home needs proper ventilation to protect families from unhealthy indoor pollutants and buildings from excess moisture and heat. The Home Ventilating Institute rigorously tests residential ventilation products for airflow, sound, and energy performance utilizing world class, independent testing laboratories. The performance of HVI Certified products is assured by a verification program that regularly purchases and re-tests products from the marketplace.

Products Certified by HVI include:

  • Bathroom Fan — A fan primarily intended for exhausting air from a bathroom, but may include other functions such as lighting and/or heating.
  • Downdraft Kitchen Exhauster — A fan located adjacent to the cooking appliance at or near countertop level that has an air inlet for removing and exhausting cooking contaminants.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator — A mechanically powered ventilating device with separate intake and exhaust air streams, and a heat exchanger to transfer a portion of the total energy (heat and moisture) from one air stream to the other.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator — A mechanically powered ventilating device with separate intake and exhaust air streams, and a heat exchanger to transfer a portion of the sensible energy (heat) from one air stream to the other.
  • Inline Fan — A fan designed to be located within the building structure inline with the ductwork on both intake and exhaust sides.
  • Integrated Supply and Exhaust Ventilator — A ventilating device with both exhaust and supply systems that mix the fresh air with a certain amount of recycled air (sometimes called a balanced ventilator).
  • Kitchen Fan — An exhaust fan, mounted in the ceiling or wall, ducted or directly discharging contaminants from a kitchen.
  • Kitchen Range Hood — A ducted exhauster for use over cooking equipment that captures contaminants by buoyancy and exhausts them outside the house.
  • Other Room Exhaust Fan — An exhaust fan designed for mounting in the ceiling or wall in any room, except the kitchen.
  • Power Attic Ventilator (PAV) — An exhaust fan intended to remove air from an unoccupied attic.
  • Remote Mounted Exterior Ventilator — An exhaust fan intended for mounting in an exterior location, usually connected by ducts to an interior device such as a downdraft intake, a range hood shell, or an exhaust grille.
  • Whole House Comfort Ventilator — A ceiling mounted exhauster that moves relatively large volumes of air out of the house, drawing intake air through open window(s) to provide increased comfort through velocity cooling.

certified The world's leading residential ventilation manufacturers ensure customer satisfaction with HVI Certified Performance Ratings available exclusively through the Home Ventilating Institute. For more information on HVI Certified Ventilation Performance, ventilation selection and design, indoor air quality and much more visit

Look for the HVI Certified label when purchasing home ventilating products to ensure quality, performance, and peace of mind.

A complete list of Certified products, manufacturers, and brand names can be found in the HVI Certified Home Ventilating Products Directory. The HVI Home Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality Guide offers essential information, design specifications, and tips about home ventilation. Both publications can be downloaded from the HVI website at

For more information, contact Michelle McNab at 1000 N. Rand Road, Suite 214, Wauconda, IL 60084. Telephone: 855.484.8368; fax: 847/526-3993. Visit the website at


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