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Types of Fans

Bathrooms, Kitchens and Other Rooms
Many types of fans are available to meet any application requiring local ventilation.

CEILING EXHAUST FANS – These fans are mounted in the ceiling and discharge either vertically through the roof or horizontally through the exterior wall.

FAN-LIGHTS and HEAT/FAN-LIGHT COMBINATION UNITS – These fans offer the convenience of built-in illumination in combination with bathroom ventilation.

REMOTE EXTERIOR-MOUNTED VENTILATORS – These mount outside the building and pull, rather than push, the air through the duct. Much of the mechanical sound stays outside, so these fans maintain a low sound level inside the house.

INLINE FANS – Duct-mounted, these fans are available in single-port or multiport versions to exhaust air from several areas with one main fan, located remotely.

WALL FANS – Made to be located in and exhausting through an outside wall. Installation is easy as no ducting is required. Integral switches and outside weather hoods that close when you turn off the fan may be included.

KITCHEN RANGE HOODS – A fan with an enclosure designed to capture odors and humidity from a cooking surface. Most kitchen range hoods are located over the cooking surface and have an internal fan, but there are also downdraft kitchen exhauster units designed to pull air across the cooking surface, as well as kitchen range hoods designed for remote-mounted fans.

Control options for all fans: A wide variety of controls are available. They include electronic variable-speed controls, timers, humidistats and dual fan-light and/or fan-heater combinations.


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